Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boys' Night In

Tonight was a boy's night in since mom had to go to the Young Women's Wednesday night activity. At about 10 minutes to 8:00 Carson realized the pantry door was open. He went inside and shut the door. He doesn't know how to open doors yet, so he was stuck inside the pitch black room with only the light coming from under the door. I let him stay in there for a minute and then said, "Carson?" I cracked the door open and he immediately pushed it shut again. This turned into about a 30-minute game. I cracked the door open over and over, and sometimes stuck my head around to look at him. He'd laugh and push the door shut again. Then I went and got a comb, and slid it under the door. We pushed it back and forth for a while, and took some video of that. I also stuffed the corner of his "b"(blanket) under the door, and he pulled it all the way through. Then I got the camera and started cracking the door open just enough to slip the camera through and snap a picture, trying to figure out where he was in the room. We had a lot of fun the whole night. Carson is quite the entertainer.

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