Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making Space

In looking to the future, and realizing that due to financial constraints we might be living in our condo in Springville longer than expected, Denise and I purchased a bunk bed to be able to suit the needs of a growing family in a small house.

We bought the bed online and it arrived three days later. Daddy and I got together one Saturday and started the process of assembly. Daddy and I really enjoy working on projects together, so it was a lot of fun. Mama bought some donuts and came over in the late morning with her sewing needle, as the armrest on our small couch needed a little work. The three of us ate a donut or two and then went to work. 

After about 6 hours of assembly we nearly completed the project before I had to leave and head up to Sandy for a family reunion with Denise's father's parents, siblings, and their families. 

The bed looks very nice, and smells nice too! I love the smell of new wood, and this bunk bed is made out of solid wood with no particle board. Carson loves to climb up the stairs to the top bunk and play up there. It makes us a little nervous and we ask him to come down when he gets too rambunctious, but all in all he does very well up there. 

Now we're set for two more kids, but once #4 is on the way we're going to really be bursting at the seams, and hopefully be in a position to find a larger home. 

A few pictures taken of Carson enjoying his big boy bed!

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