Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Dinner

 To start Valentine's Day off Robert sent me a picture from the show King of Queens, which says,

No wife of mine is going to do dishes on Valentine’s Day. You can do these tomorrow. As you can tell Robert is a very thoughtful guy, and you guessed it I DIDN'T to the dishes, and to make that much more special day for me, Robert did the dishes and cooked most of the food for our special night!

For Valentine's Day we decided this year to make a fancy dinner instead of going out. A few years ago we decided to go out on Valentine's Day for the first time, and we will never do that again! Totally not worth spending an hour and a half waiting to even be seated, and then feeling like you needed to hurry and order and eat so they can get more couples in to eat before closing. I have to say it was a whole thought less stressful this year than that year, and it was a fun tradition to start and continue as more little ones join our family. 

For dinner we cooked New York Steak (first time ever cooking steak), Roasted Veggies, homemade mash potatoes, Koolaid/Orange juice drink, and finally to top it all off my Mom's homemade cheesecake. It was not a bad first experience cooking the steaks either, they were a bit  overdone, but still delicious, we will have to cook steak again sometime to improve. 

Our Fancy Valentine's Dinner

We attempted to take some family pictures with our camera on a timer, not the greatest pictures, but they capture our family having a fun night together. 

Who would have thought Robert's mad dash to try to make it into the picture would have ended up looking like a giant was scratching my head?

For future reference, remember that the biggest person should probably be more to the back of the picture.

That's better, our little family!

Carson was not a huge fan of the fancy dinner so he had strawberries, cheese, and Ritz crackers for dinner, which ended up turning into these next cute photos. 

Carson decided it would be a good idea to stuff three full Ritz crackers in his mouth.

 "Hey, this isn't too bad." 

"Hm, can't chew this very well."

"Uh, this isn't working as I planned." 

 "Bag this."

As you can see we loved spending time this Valentine's as a family, we didn't need any gifts such as flowers or chocolates, all we needed was  good quality time as a family. Until next year, wonder what our fancy dinner will be next year!

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