Friday, February 15, 2013

Front Runner

Last Saturday, Carson and I decided to take a train ride and ride Front Runner up to my parents house. I think I was more excited about his first "Choo Choo" ride then he was, but oh well what are you going to do? He did have fun looking at the other trains as we passed them, but for the most part he was all over the place. I think his favorite part of the whole trip was the fact that he was not strapped down in a car seat! It took us about 30 minutes to get to where my parents picked us up, and I will have to say we will be doing this more often, for the price it was not a bad ride. Additionally a few days after our first train ride Carson started saying "All a Board," a saying from his favorite train show that we checked out from the library for almost 3 weeks now!

Family Picture, prior to boarding the train. Daddy stayed back with Grandpa Dickens to put up Carson's new bunk bed.

Looking out the window as Front Runner began to move from Provo Depo.

A Few pictures taken throughout the train ride. Notice how mesmerized Carson is with the train on the other track?

Just some adorable pictures of Carson while ridding Front Runner.

And, Finally a drink break!

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