Friday, February 1, 2013

Weight Gain

Well it looks like this week started the week of pregnancy weight gain, I have been lucky and not put on any weight to this point. In all reality, I should be jumping for joy to have not gained any weight as I am already 19 weeks, but regardless of the reason behind weight gain it is still hard to take in weight gain. But hey, looking on the bright size I could have started gaining weight immediately like I did with Carson. Currently my baby belly is in the stage as my friend puts it, "Did she eat too many burritos or is she pregnant?" But I know the belly will continue to grow exponentially  as the weeks pass by, I will post a picture next week at 20 weeks. Picture taking is  a goal I have made this pregnancy to take more pictures of me pregnant, it is kind of sad that I can count the number of pictures I have while pregnant with Carson on one hand. On a brighter note than weight gain, only 4 more days until we find out the gender of our sweet baby number two!

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