Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BYU Paleontology Museum

Today I thought I would take Carson to the BYU Paleontology museum to look around, I thought he might enjoy the short jot out of the house and looking at the dinosaurs, he loves making their roaring sounds. The camera of course went along for the ride as well. For those who have little kids, it is not big like Thanksgiving Point, but just the right size in my opinion for a toddler. Throughout the museum they also had little exhibits that the kids can touch and feel. I loved the way they had these set, they were even perfect for toddlers in strollers like Carson. We ended up spending about 45 minutes of fun with the dinosaurs today and I am sure we will go again in the future. If you know of any free museums or fun things to do in Utah or Salt Lake Country that are preferably free or inexpensive, then let this first time mom now please.

Here are some for Dinosaurs that we saw today

These first two pictures are the first dinosaurs we saw, they were discovered in Texas somewhere.


Carson with the 3 Horn (Land Before Time), T-Rex, and the giant Crocodile.


Tiny Carson next to HUGE dinosaurs!

 Carson loved being able to touch some of the exhibits, but at times it made him want to touch everything even the HUGE dinosaurs.


 It was a lot of fun to watch him touch and feel all the different textures of the fossils, I can just imagine the wheels in his brain.

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