Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Little Princess

Many of you like we have waited long enough to find out the gender of our new little baby, and that day came yesterday. Yesterday at 4pm we had the 20 and mid pregnancy (you heard me half way to June!) However, unlike the baby's older brother Carson who was all open to show his gender off at 14 weeks, this little one was extremely modest, which is a good thing most of the time, this happens to be one of those times you don't need to be modest! Maybe I can use this as an example later one when she is not so modest or is struggling to be modest. In fact this little one is currently only taking up about half of the space she currently has to work with. She was very curdled up in a ball, with little bottom being right next to my cervix, no wonder that is the only place I usually feel her move, little one you can move around a little bit if you want. After much prodding from the ultrasound tech, and finally myself, the baby finally gave us an 80% surety that we will run with, we are adding a little princess to our little family! We are extremely excited just to have a baby, but it was a nice surprise that we will now have a little boy and a little girl to lighten and brighten our lives each and every day. This little girl has had her name picked out almost from the day we got married 6 and 1/2 years ago, we were just waiting for the time to give her, her name and that was yesterday. Her beautiful name will be Sydni Nichole Dickens. We wanted to not spell her name the traditional way of Sydney, but we didn't want to go way out of the box and give her a name she would always have to pronounce so Sydni is what we came up with., in addition her middle name is of course my middle name and it just seems to flow really well with Sydni. It is always exciting in my opinion when you can put at least a gender to a baby, I  have never like calling it baby or it for that matter, but now she has a name and we now can call her a "she." For this reason I will never not attempt to find out the gender of my babies. I look forward to the many mommy daughter things we can do,  and you will have to forgive mommy if you like girly stuff, but I will do my best to be the best mommy you could have. You have been a blessing from the start just as your older brother,  I am happy to call you my daughter and look forward to looking into your beautiful face and loving you forever.

Sydni loved having her hands right next to her face as you can see in this picture, in fact we never even got to see her eyes because of it. I guess mother like daughter, I tend to sleep with my hands right next to my mouth.

Though she was very modest, she does seem to like her little toes and feet, including the 13 week ultrasound pics we have about 4 shots of her toes and feet.

And of course her cute little arms right next to her body.

The best shot of her gender shot, with only 2 lines instead of 3. However, Daddy is pretty sure as the tech was attempting to get a better shot that he saw 3 white lines giving him assurance that she is in fact a GIRL!

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to raise a little girl I am all ears, I have to say I am a bit more nervous to have a little girl than I was to have a boy, not sure why though. Now I have to go through the clothes I have received from my mom and sister-in-laws to see what else I need for this little princess. Thanks for all the wonderful family and friends who make this announcement even that much more exciting. 

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