Thursday, April 4, 2013

Utah County Health Children's Fair

Last night as I was browsing and wasting time on Facebook book I noticed that the Utah County Health Department was sponsoring a child sized health and safety expo today April 4th, 2010. This expo included activities and sponsors that helped to promote health and safety. Such activities included Provo City Fire and ambulance Department vehicles and displays, Zumbatomic, toothbrush kits, story time, silly picture booth and other games and booths.  I decided why not take Carson to check out the fire trucks and ambulances and have a good free time! He loves watching a show called Chicago Fire with mom on Wednesday nights and loves to say "Fire and Fire Fighter!" 

To begin the expo off we stopped off at the Provo Police booth, where there was a robot police car

Similar Police car such as this one in Disney Pixar's Cars. Immediately cars began making siren calls, as the police officer drove the car right up to Carson in his stroller and proceeded to talk to Carson, he had such a grin on his face. 

There were about 20 booths that you could go around and learn various aspects of health and get various prizes for the kids, and there were some nice giveaways at some of the booths. 

Some of the giveaways we received included a Sesame Street show about eating healthy, multiple color books or pages and crayons, a Junior Sheriff badge, stickers, stress balls, candy, 4 books on staying healthy, a firefighter hat,  a frisbee,  a large fruit snack bag, and a couple of toothbrush kits. 

After finishing up inside, we headed to the foyer where we stayed for a story read my foster grandparent volunteers and took our turn being silly in the photo 

 Carson and Mom being silly in the photo booth. Big lips and mustache make a sweet pair. 

Then came the really fun part and the whole reason we came to the expo, the next part of our trip was the icing on the cake for sure!

Carson got to meet the paramedics, the fire fighters, and a police dog! As soon as he saw the trucks he said "fire fighter" so cute!

In the meantime he was promoted to Fire Chief, not bad for the his first time on the job.

Fire Chief Carson at your service, how can I help you?

Had to also get a picture with the Fire Chief's ambulance unit!

And Because he was promoted to Fire Chief so quickly, Mom was privileged to have a photo opportunity on the back of the ambulance. 

Finally to end out of fun experience at the Expo we became Super Heros by pledging to stay drug and alcohol free! At this booth Carson got a couple slap bracelets that he has been playing with since.  Loving being able to expose my child to the fun and good things in life such as the activities we participated in today.

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