Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Love Hogle Zoo!

Last week Carson and I spent the day with a childhood friend Jennifer and her two adorable boys at Hogle Zoo. Jennifer invited us to join them as they have a membership and could get us in free, so we took up the offer to have a fun day with them. Lucky for us this is the 3rd time we have been able to get in free in just 2013, and each time Carson has enjoyed it even better. Because we were having so much fun I forgot to pull out the camera and take a few shots of the boys having fun, luckily for us Jen took a few pictures of the fun day. It was cute to see each boy interacting differently to each animal especially in the Reptile house. Ethan loved seeing the small rodents while Carson gravitated to the snakes and other reptiles. Afterwards Jen mentioned that Ethan does not like snakes and when Jen holds one he tells her that she should not hold the snakes, where Carson on the other hand loved them and loves saying "sssss." It was a nice day to spend with a very good friend of mine and as we were taking the boys along it was hard not to reflect on how it was even possible that we both have children of our own now, but what a wonderful life it is. 

Ethan and Carson watching for the Sea Lions, their faces were priceless!

The boys at the Grizzly Bear exhibit.

The reptiles seemed to be Carson's favorites this trip.

The icing on the cake was a free ride on the Merry Go Round, once again Carson's facial expression priceless.

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