Friday, April 5, 2013

One More Reason Our Baby is Now a Toddler

Though this post should be a happy post that our little boy is growing up and progressing normally it is also a sad post to think he really is not a baby anymore. In preparation to get ready for the new baby we have been transitioning Carson into his big boy bed ( bottom bunk) this started Monday April 1st. It is sad to think he really only has one more major baby thing to learn and that's how to use the toilet, which I least looking forward to. But on the other hand it is exciting to see him so small and being so grown up sleeping in his big bed, so it should be a happy occasion. On Monday night he slept perfectly in his new bed, he was relaxed enough that when I put him in the bed he went right to sleep without a peep, he also didn't seem to move positions at all throughout the night, and was a happy cheerful boy the next morning. So being a novice parents that we are, we thought great he is going to make this transition easy on us, I guess we spoke too soon! Tuesday night was a disaster and finally after trying to get him relaxed and trying to lay with him for a little while, I finally gave up and put him in his crib to cry to sleep, he took longer than normal to fall asleep as well. Wednesday night was perfect again no peeping from the little boy, so on Thursday afternoon when he fell asleep for a nap I laid him in the bed not his crib. Nap time, I was always dreading because he sometimes fights naps, but Thursday he did just fine and took an almost 3 hour nap. Once again no peeping was heard after he put himself to sleep last night or this afternoon for a nap. Though we are still in the first week of this major transition I have to say he is doing remarkably wonderful and he is loving climbing into his bed, he has not even been close to falling out which is a plus as well. Here is to a continued success to a big boy bed for Carson! 

Wednesday morning after the horrible transition night on Tuesday. Silly boy climbed right up when he told him to get into his big boy bed.

Taking a nap Today, wish I could have gotten his face, but didn't want to wake him up after all.

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  1. Yay! Glad things are going well. Aurora took a little time to adjust also, and naps were horrible for probably a month after we put her in her toddler bed. She's back to 2 hour naps most days though. Good job, Carson!