Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

So you thought Easter hunts were over on Saturday you would be wrong, we had two more opportunities for egg hunts on Easter as well, yeah for us! On Saturday night Robert and I filled some colorful eggs along our hallway, and throughout the kitchen and front room in anticipation for another fun morning for Carson. We anticipated Carson coming out of his room and running throughout the house as quickly as he could to pick up the eggs as this was his reaction the day before, but we were wrong. Though he did run out of our room when I let him out he did not run and pick up all the eggs as fast as he could, instead he meticulously picked up each egg and proceeded to open it up to see the prize inside, smart kid I say. 

 It probably took about 10 to 15 minutes just to reach the majority of the eggs which were located in the front of the house. Each time he opened the egg he said "candy" he must have remembered after 3 hunts that eggs contained candy! In fact after our first egg hunt the previous weekend, he proceeded to open my decoration eggs only to find disappointment and empty eggs and would toss them and try another egg.

Of course no egg hunt is complete without tasting the delicious candy inside, these nerds jelly beans are sour, but he still enjoyed them. 

We are about a half hour into the egg hunt, and we may have picked up a little more than half the eggs that were available. As you can tell all the eggs in his basket have been cracked, silly boy!

Finally made it to the living room, however, because of the fact that we were attending church with Grandma and Grandpa Payne Mom had to collect the rest of the eggs and we had to move on to the Easter Bunny surprise. 

The Easter bunny brought Carson some bunny peeps, a chocolate bunny, starburst, a plane kit, and finally the best toy of the day a hopping bunny!

A few days earlier as I was in Walmart at a time when Carson obviously did not want to be at the store, so I picked up this bunny and made it bounce, he burst into laughter, so naturally I had to get ask the Easter Bunny to bring him one, and that is exactly what he did! In fact the next day I asked the Easter Bunny to make sure and bring a pink on for Sydni next year!

Pure joy on his face!

Softly petting his bunny!

I would say our first attempt at being the Easter Bunny was a success, so much fun!

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