Tuesday, April 9, 2013

" I want in on the action!"

On Monday we had Grandma and Grandpa Dickens over for dinner and in order for  Grandma Dickens to finish up a hemming project for my maternity pants. Before long this project turned into a family hemming project, Robert need his temple pants hemmed and I need my maternity pants hemmed and of course Carson could not be left out and needed his shorts hemmed.  After Daddy got measured for his hemming project Carson jumped right up on the table so Grandma could do him next, what a cute moment. Then it was my turn and while I was on the table Carson pretended to pin up the front of my pants, so I guess we have a little seamstress in our household. Grandma, Dad, and Mom all got a good laugh at his wanting to be just like the big kids!

First time getting hemmed after Daddy, such a patient little boy.

Copying Mom

Helping Grandma pin up Mom's pants

Last check, that is perfect Grandma, Thank you!

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