Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making Cookies w/ Mom

Last night Carson and I made white chocolate M & M cookies together. He was a very good helper, and helped put in every ingredient after it was properly measured of course. When it came time to add the M & Ms he decided it was fun to eat them until he say mom tossing them into the mixing bowl after that it was more fun to toss them into the mixer. 

You might think that Carson was just being a sweet boy and giving mom a hug, but you would be wrong he was a bit afraid of the mixer when it started to mix. However, by the end he was attempting to turn the mixer on himself, so I call that success. 

It must have been pretty loud for him as well!

We decided to use the white chocolate M & Ms in a cookie recipe because to be honest they were not that great by themselves and we personally could not stand eating them as a standalone candy. In the end the cookies were a success in flavor, and for the icing on the cake I got to spend some quality time making cookies with my son!

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