Monday, April 15, 2013

Choo Choo Boo Boo

On Saturday, we went to Cedar Fort Books in Springville, a local discount book store that specializes in LDS books. A few weeks prior, Denise had been there and seen a battery-powered train set that was quite nice, and she wanted my input before purchasing it. To our delight, they still had a few left, so deeming it a nice set, we purchased it. They also had a small version of just the engine for a few dollars, so we couldn't pass that up since Carson is REALLY into trains. 

Later that day when we arrived home from visiting Grandma and Grandpa Dickens I assembled the train set. The track can be either 4 feet in diameter or 4 X 6'. Carson could not hardly contain himself and was trying for all he was worth to get the train. Once it was finally assembled and and I turned it on his reaction was not what either of us expected. He was scared to death of the train. 

Now for a little back story. A few months ago I was cooking french toast on our griddle for breakfast. Carson was trying to be part of my efforts and didn't understand what "hot" meant. I kept trying to keep him away telling him it was hot over and over again, but he persisted. Finally, realizing the griddle was not hot enough to do any lasting damage, I stopped trying to keep him away. With his new-found freedom, Carson decided to reach over and put his finger on the griddle. He learned very quickly then what "hot" means. Since hot things often have steam or smoke associated with them, he has draw his own conclusion that steam and smoke are always hot. 

Well, this train generates a small stream of smoke, which it puff out of  its smoke stack. Carson will not go near the train, and in fact, rarely will even get off our lap while the train is running. He is absolutely convinced it will burn him, despite our best efforts to tell him otherwise. So, the big train was a flop... for now. We'll see how he handles it come Christmas time when it circles under our tree. 

Sitting in Mama's lap trembling with fear, and that was no joke. He was literally shaking. 

 Maybe that means he will not touch the tree come Christmas time if he is still terribly afraid of the train. 

At least the little train was a big it! He has slept with it for naps and nighttime ever since Saturday, and carries the train at all times during the day. 

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