Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Stretch and Final Trimester!

Not a lot has been happening as far as pregnancy updates..... Just the fact that I'm getting bigger and rounder, thus more uncomfortable. I have started to go to the chiropractor more often and I am sure it will continue for the next few weeks. I have finally reached the FINAL trimester of my pregnancy with Sydni, and boy can I say it has gone a lot quicker to this point than with Carson for sure! Sydni is getting big and strong, and she definitely lets me know just how big all times of the day. I am constantly feeling her move and kick and jabbing my ribs and hips, she is now using all of the space she has left that is. She is constantly pushing on my bladder (resulting in my running to the bathroom more times in a day than is possible it seems, especially at night!)  But I would not trade it for anything, in the end I will have another beautiful adorable little baby to call my own, my children are my world. I love being pregnant, even though I complain at times, but it is the greatest feeling to feel your little one moving around inside you, can't wait to hold and kiss this little on in a few short weeks. Cheers to 12 more weeks! Maybe less if I am lucky!

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