Friday, April 19, 2013

69 days.... But Who's Counting

Officially 10 more weeks, or less before our little princess joins our family!

I still can't believe I have already made it 3/4th of the way through this pregnancy, it seems just like yesterday that we found out another baby would be joining our family. Even though I feel gigantic, I have to say this pregnancy has not been miserable. I have had the normal aches and pains, but I am still able to do Zumba with a little modification of course, but still can do it! Starting to get the acid re-flux (not fun) and my back is achy, but I can endure it.

Come next Thursday, we will actually be starting into the SINGLE digit countdown, as I will be 31 weeks pregnant then.  But really, I am not keeping track or anything, love being pregnant despite the complaining I might do every now and again. Can't wait to meet you princess. 

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