Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Salem Pond

Yeah finally starting into October blog posts :) So bare with me! On October 1st I took the kids to Salem pond before it got cold( wait it is still not cold and almost the middle of December!)

I popped a couple bags of popcorn since we have plenty around out house, and no more than a minute or two Carson was ready to throw the whole bag into the water with the ducks, until I explained it could hurt the ducks to eat the bag. I grabbed the bag just before it left his hand, safe!
 Slow down Bubba or you might just go over the edge for a swim with the ducks. 
 In a few of these pictures you can see Sydni was more interested in eating the popcorn than giving it to the ducks, silly girl. 
Peek a Boo 
 Carson kept running back and forth he liked seeing the ducks swim after him to get the popcorn. 
 Sydni picking up the popcorn that dropped on the sidewalk
 Finally got her to throw some in, but not before she ate a few. 
 Just love her faces sometimes
 It was such a gorgeous day, bright and sunny and not that cold.
 Even though Carson is blurry in this one, I love the picture and how it took. 
 Yum Yum
Pure joy as his popcorn is devoured by some friendly hungry ducks. 
 Our favorite face of our baby girl, cheerio mouth.
  We couldn't love this sweety anymore, so cute!
 After the popcorn and the feeding of the ducks commenced we took a little bit to play on the playground and run out our energy.
 As you can see with all the pictures on the playground they thoroughly enjoyed themselves :)
 Probably one of my favorite pictures of the day!
Until next year when he can feed the ducks again. 

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