Tuesday, December 23, 2014

24 days of Christmas

This year, on November 31st I got the idea that I needed to wrap all our Christmas books and movies, some secular and some spiritual so we could have fun each and every-night as a family.  It took quite awhile as Robert didn't want to join in the fun, in fact he was not sure why I even wanted to do it, but I decided we could have fun and try a new tradition. So for the next hour it seemed, I made 24 cute little packages for the Carson and Sydni to open and enjoy some fun each night.  

All 24 ( I mean 25 one night they both opened one)
For the most part I let them choose which on we opened, so sometimes I didn't even know if we were going to read a book or watch a movie together, but there were a few I made sure were opened on a certain night.  Which started with opening up our chocolate advent calendars( I wasn't very good with these, after Christmas we probably ate about 10 days worth, oh well!). 

Carson knew exactly what to do, he had that present opened in a matter of seconds. Sydni's look says it all, what is this?
 What is he doing?
 Yeah, present opened, on happy boy, and still one confused little girl. 
 After mom showed her what to do she went slowly at it. 
 Like this?
 Too slow, like this! :)
 These two crack me up with their faces!!!
Afterwards we watched Elf on a Shelf as a family, I didn't make the open the video, but had a fun twist for them when the video ended. Since the previous week or 2 Carson had threw a toy and broke our TV( not a happy day) we ended up watching the movie in our bedroom on our bed, with the whole works popcorn and all. It was fun and cozy. 
After the movie, Daddy stepped out of the room, and took our elf "Toby" and put him on the porch, and rang the door bell, as is done in the Elf of the Shelf movie we had just watched. Carson's expression was all that was needed to know that all the present wrapping was worth it!

On the Elf package, I wrote "To: Carson & Sydni From: The North Pole  "
Play by play of course!
As you can tell they LOVE Toby!

December 3rd

This night I let them choose two books, since we didn't get around to opening on the 2nd. Carson had already opened his present, but couldn't help himself again, he needed to help Sydni again she was just going to slow!
 That night they both got a book about Christ, which was perfect. One book titled "First Christmas" and the other one titled "Little One."
 Daddy read one and then Mommy read one. 
 Our sweet babies.
 And as it sometimes goes with an almost 18 month old, had to throw in this picture. 
 Love this sweet, busy boy of ours.

December 4th

 To start the day off I took of my Thanksgiving Jamberry nails, to put on my first set for Christmas. Upon doing so, my little helper wanted to get in on the action, so we demonstrated just how easy they are to put even with a 1 year old on your lap, you could never do that with nail polish, at least I couldn't! 
 The finished look!!
 , Candy cane/October Stylebox exclusive/Merry Christmas on the fingers
Lil' Santa and his Reindeer and Candy cane for the toes
What is it going to be tonight?
 A Classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which turned into Carson's favorite movie of the season, we watch over and over again, bu that is fine it is GREAT one!

December 5th

Robert had the nephews over for the Day/Night of December 5th to play some computer games, and Carson was in heaven with his buddies!
 BONUS, 2 presents tonight!
 Story of Jesus and Poky's 1st Christmas, so fun!

December 6th

I know many people wait to have the kids open their Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, but I prefer that they have most of December to wear them especially if they are Holiday specific pjs :) I had let the kids pick their pjs out about a month earlier, however, they both forgot about them, which I figured would be the case, in addition to the pjs I wrapped up some movies and movie snacks so we could have a fun evening together. 
 As you can see Sydni began to catch on after a few days of present opening, and rather enjoyed it. 
 These are types of expressions that make the Christmas season all worth it!
 The classic in front of the tree picture in their pjs 
 Waiting oh so patiently for the popcorn to pop!
 The movie of choice was a old classic "Santa Claus is coming to town," one I can't leave December without watching at least once. All snuggled up with popcorn in hand, we are ready! 
 Robert decided to grab the tripod and take a few pictures of all of us watching together, all snuggled up and comfty, good thing we have a king bed. I had to put this picture in only because Robert has a way of capturing his extremities in a "BIG" way, this time it was his foot for Valentine's Day it was his hand :)
 The perfect family picture, by the time we were done everyone was asleep and I finished the movie by myself. 

December 9th

This is about where, I kept forgetting to get a present out of the closet, so I don't have documentation of all 24 days of Christmas, but oh well, still made some fun memories. 
 He was excited that he through the movie as he was opening it, Charlie Brown's Christmas it was!

December 10th

Because we had missed a couple of days, each of the kids got to pick a present, it just so happened that Carson picked the perfect one for him. 
 Can you tell what it is President Monson's "The Christmas Train." It was fun to listen to President Monson tell it in own voice, a special treat. 
 I think it is save to say Sydni loved the light up star and Carson loved the train book!

December 11

In keeping with our Train theme after riding a local Polar Express we came home got in our pajamas and watched Polar Express. 
December 12th
Unfortunately Carson had to go to bed early, so Miss Sydni got to open it up all by herself. 
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, with lights and music, we could find her periodically through out the remainder of December grabbing this and looking at the pictures. 

December 13th

After mom got home a trip with the youth to downtown Salt Lake City Temple lights, we opened up "Up on a housetown" and sang this book, quite a few times as a family. 
This boy gives the biggest smiles when you ask him to!

December 17

A favorite tradition from the time I can remember is watching the classic Santa Clause is coming to town on TV, this tradition I just had to keep going with my own little family. 
 Christmas snow is magical snow, which we found out with one of our only snow snow storms this winter season, just happened to happen on Christmas day!

December 18th

As it sometimes goes with little ones, we opened the books this night, and read only a portion of them, and then they were done. Try these books again next year I guess. 

December 20th

Twas the night before Christmas was a perfect present to open this night!
 Twas the night before Christmas when all the through house not a creature was stirring, not even Carson. After opening and reading he curled up and fell asleep on the floor, but have been a long day.

December 24th

We left the best present for last one from our Heavenly Father, to be opened on Christmas Eve.
Took a moment to explain to the kids that this was a special present from our Heavenly Father so that we could learn the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. Shared with them we were going to read the story of Jesus's Birth. 
 They even listened when I said we had to open this special present very carefully. 
Though it was difficult for them to sit still and listen to a story with big words, they did quite well and a tradition that we will carry through all their growing up years, so hopefully one day they can teach their own children. 

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