Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Jaker's 2014

We love our local pumpkin patch Jaker's, we may or may not have gone about 4 times this year, because we LOVE it so much!

The first time the kids and I went alone, and eventually we did bring Daddy so we could pick out some pumpkins to carve. This year the kids and I also took a Saturday when Daddy was gone for some reason to work our way through the corn maze, it was fun and they enjoyed it.

1st Stop was the corn maze, Sydni absolutly LOVED it and would have stayed their the entire time, if Carson didn't desperately want to go on the slides. We compromised and let Sydni play in the corn for a little while and then we moved onto the slides for Carson.
 The jacket Grandpa Payne brought back from Peru was perfect for a day played in the corn pit. All the colors that you see on the jacket are hand died, talk about lots of work for such a pretty jacket. 
 Carson LOVED it too, even if he wanted to go on the slides more.
 You can't leave the corn pit without laying in it right?!
Though she maybe small, she managed to climb all the way up to the slides by herself, I was very impressed!
 Taking a break it is a long way up for little legs. 
 The kids loved the slides.
 Ready, set, Go!
 Not sure, let me watch Carson first
 I will go with my big brother right behind me :)
Instead of pumpkins, Carson found a little Sydni ;)
 He pulled her around like a champ as we looked at the animals they had on site. 
 Sydni LOVED the animals. 
 Though it is blurry, this was the best pick that I could get of the two of them. 
 Apparently, playing at Jaker's is quite demanding on such a little baby. I sat her in her highchair to get lunch ready, and she didn't even make it. 

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