Sunday, December 14, 2014


I realized that we really didn't take many pictures on Halloween, wish we had! We took pictures of trick or treating at Dad's work, but none of the Trunk-or-Treat, I guess next year we will do better!

We started the day off with our 12 OB appointment, in hopes of hearing the heart beat of our new little one for the 1st time, what blessing it was to hear a heart beat! While our Dr. was listening to the heartbeat Carson exclaimed that the baby sounded like a train!

After the Dr. appointment we headed off to Dad's work to Trick-Or-Treat and take a few pictures :)
Miss Sydni getting ready to go get some Candy, it doesn't take them long to get the hang of the whole Trick or Treating thing!
 Our Strong Superman. He is strong because he ate 6 large helpings of salad and exclaimed, he was strong like superman, of course!
 Mr Spider Man and Miss Little Pumpkin, aren't they adorable?
 It took only a minute for Sydni to warm up and realize people where wanting to give her candy, after that she had no problem. 
  Oh Where Oh Where is Aaron?
  Found him! 
 Carson was so adorable in his Spider Man costume, can you say that about a super hero? I guess so if you are their mom!

After we left Dad's work the kids and I went to IHop for their FREE Scary Face Pancakes, they had fun decorating, I didn't even think once again to grab the camera, since it was a bit hectic trying to keep two kids happy eating out all by myself :)

To finish Halloween night out, we took the kids to our neighborhood Trunk-Or-Treat and to a few houses, until Carson decided it was good idea to run into people's houses. At one house he ran all the way upstairs, not okay!

After we finished Trick-Or-Treating, Nicole and Shayne and their kids Sephie and James came over and we watched Clue, a must during the Halloween season!

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