Saturday, December 27, 2014

Springtown Railroad

Getting caught up slowly so we have these family memories documented. In December, we got to take the kids on a local Polar Express ride put on by a local family in Lindon. It was very well done. The first half of the ride was commercial Christmas including a train ride to the polar express to see Santa and his workshop.  

However, what I really LOVED was, once the kids ad all seen Santa and he had given them a candy can and bell, he gathered them around and told them the reason for the season is "Christ" 

He tol the children to listen to the music on the way back and look at the pictures of Christ and remember why we celebrate Christmas. On our way out of his workshop we all sang Silent Night together. 

It was very touching ride back and not a single kid made any noise, the spirit was felt strongly!

 Waiting for the polar express to arrive :) 
 We knew this kid would LOVE it! 
 All Aboard!
 And we're off!
 Greeted at the North pole by Santa's elves.
 Santa's workshop, Carson even managed to go in the middle a couple of times, silly boy. 
 Carson has never been afraid of Santa, he mentioned to Santa he wanted Rocky from Paw patrol. Unfortunately it was the hot item of the year, and then they seemed to have been discontinued( why I am not sure), so Santa is still fixing it and hopefully will get him one someday! 
 She did fine, when sat on Santa's lap with Carson, but I guess on her own he was just too scary. 

The next part was all about Christ and his life and what he has done for each and everyone of us, so we have the ability to live with our Heavenly Father once again. Here is the music and pictures that we listened to as we travel back.

Back to Lindon from the North Pole :)
 Our Trusty Engine
 Shake Shake Shake

After we headed to Orem to the home of the Word Perfect creators to see their lights, so pretty! 

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