Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Yeah, I might actually get caught up on my blog by the end of the year. A week away from Christmas and I am finally blogging about Christmas! 

This year we went out to Ely Nevada where my grandparents live to spend Thanksgiving with the extended family, and I will have to say we had a splendid turn out, we were only missing my cousin Colin, and my brother Daniel and his little family. Didn't take took many pictures but a I had Robert take a few while we were setting up and getting our food, and later when we took the kids down to see grandpa's horses. 

We have a family tradition where each of us before we eat tells each other at least one thing that we are grateful for, though it is hard to say one thing we are grateful and I am grateful for this tradition that we can reflect on all the blessing and love we are shown year round, that we don't always take a moment to think and realize how blessed we truly are. 
This little princess 2nd time out to Ely, she really loved the juice. 
Our two love birds, my cousin Paul and his soon to be wife Tauni, to get married in a couple of weeks. 
Dig in everyone!
My grandma got a coloring tablecloth for the kids, it was pretty cute. 
Apparently my kids LOVE rolls, and who can blame them right?!
And when I said LOVE, it is an understatement for this little girl, she will eat and eat rolls tell the cows come home!
We spent 2 nights in a hotel/casino our sleeping arrangements, The first night was a little rough on the kids. Carson woke up in the middle of the night having a nightmare and Daddy slept with him the rest of the night. About 5 o'clock he needed to go the bathroom and afterwards asked, what I thought was for one of us to sleep with him again, so I went over to the bed and got in, about 5 minutes later he got out of bed and slept with dad, so we played musical beds that night, LOL. Sydni on the other hand cried off and on throughout the night, she doesn't do well sleeping by herself if she knows that we are there in the room with her.  
You might be thinking why did you take a picture of a chair, well Robert couldn't help himself when he saw it, it is our exact chair minus the swivel feature, he thought it was pretty neat, talk about home away from home. 
On Friday we went down to the horses, unfortunately we couldn't ride them since Grandpa recently had ankle surgery and can't be on his ankle for a couple of months, but we still had to see them. 
Aunt Kelsee and Sydni petting Diamond Lil
It was worth it to capture a smile of joy like this one. 
And of course you have to feed them with grass right?
It was a bit windy, glad I didn't do my hair it would not have lasted. 
Darling close up!
I remember when we Robert and I used to hold hands all the time, now we forget to even when we are alone, since we are always having to hold the kids hands. 

And of course you can't go to the horses without getting a little dirty. Even with a dirty face she is a cutie pie, LOVE this little girl of mine!

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