Monday, December 29, 2014

1st Time Bowling

I took Carson just before Christmas bowling for the first time, he LOVED it!

Now that is a big ball Buba.
If you take a look at all his pictures, when he concentrates his tongue is out ;) First ball is a go!
He didn't realize at first you were supposed to watch her ball down the lane, hitting the pins, so he missed it. 
Sydni unfortunately didn't get to join in the fun, since I have only one set hands, next time baby girl. 
He became a pro and kicked the helper to the curb and rolled it himself. 
The final score, and lets just say at the beginning you can see he was kicking my trash, I was getting a little nervous that I was going to be beat by my 3 year old on his first time bowling. Way to go buddy!

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