Saturday, December 27, 2014

Santa Sighting

Carson really wanted to go see Santa at the North Pole. Because we couldn't obviously go to the North Pole, I told him that Santa had come down to the mall for a visit so we can go see him there. We did just that, Daddy met us there for lunch and went and saw Santa. I wasn't planning on buying the pictures, but Robert decided that we should since they are not there to hand out charity, so we got some good ones. Sydni had her normal face, no emotion, Santa's elfs even tried and ask us to help, to no av-ale, silly girl :)

After we visited with Santa we took a moment to play in the play area in the Provo Town Mall. I can't get enough of how cute this little girl of mine is, so beautiful! 

I didn't take many pictures of Toby this year, but I had to take a picture of Toby getting into the toothpaste and leaving the kids a message for the night! 

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