Sunday, December 14, 2014

November happenings of Carson

On Veteran's Day I took Carson to get his hair cut, when ever he gets it cut he asks for color gel for his spikes, this day in honor of Veteran's Day he got Red, White, and Blue spikes. 

I burst out laughing how cute and funny Carson was when he walked into the office where I was say, wearing Daddy's goggles, now ever since he walks around saying Goggles!
Carson: "Look Mom!" Me: Cool, what do you have on your face?" Carson: "Fingersnails Mom!" Boy am I glad I only lost a few Jamberry samples this time, instead of a having a polish mess somewhere to clean up!
Denise and I were both quite tired this morning, and slept in past the time that Carson woke up and began to be about the house. When we finally got our day going, I sat down to the computer to see this. It seems Carson is quite the meticulous and inventive boy. Denise accidentally set a random picture as our desktop background yesterday, and Carson spent some time grabbing all the icons on the desktop and lining them up on the picture. Oh the mind of a toddler. Funny boy.

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