Sunday, December 14, 2014

Big Brother

Big Brother

My little eyes are watching
All you say and do
And when I grow up
big and tall
I want to be just like you

My little ears 
are listening 
To everything you say
I am learning how
to grow up
To be like you 

So be careful how you teach me
To be the person 
that you are. 
Your're the best
friends that I 
could have;
You're my brightest 
shinning start. 

Patsy Gaut

It is fun to watch our little girl, just adore her big brother. She wants to do everything he does, for better or worse. At times it is trying as all siblings at times, don't along, but it warms my heart to capture moments, like these when Sydni wants to be next to Carson or do exactly what he is doing. Just LOVE these two!
Sydni just loves to watch shows just like Carson in the same position and if you don't have it right she will let you know!
 Our little vampires :)
This cracks me up every time, and she just LOVES it!

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