Friday, December 26, 2014

Putting up the Christmas Tree

It maybe the day after Christmas and I am starting to blog about our December adventures, better late than never right?

Tree is up, ready to bring out the ornaments, this year we were on our red and gold scheme. Side note I grow more and more in LOVE with our pre-light tree, will never go back!
 Looks like we have one excited boy to decorate the tree, he gets better and better each passing year. 
 There is something very sweet about capturing the moment the first ornament is placed on a tree, it being a 3 year old putting it on, makes it a perfect moment, perhaps even a tearing eyed moment. 
 Wouldn't be Christmas without a goofy cute smile from this little boy of ours.
 This year he was able to reach about half way up the tree, will not be do much longer and he will putting on the bow on the top of the tree and looking down on his mama. 
 Sydni didn't quit understand how to put them on, but she tried her hardest, and oh how cute she was! 
 She spent most of the time trying to eat them, I will have to say through the month of December she did pretty good about not touching them, unless Carson took them off first. 
 Another perfect Christmas moment, frozen in time.
 Daddy, had to decorate the tippy top of the tree for now, it will only be a matter of time before he has help.
 Pure joy!
 Sydni would carry the ornaments over to Robert so gently and carefully, it was very cute to watch. 
 Now that the ornaments are on, time for the snowflakes and snowmen. 
 I guess Robert wanted to capture that I was really helping ;)
 Grandpa and Grandma Payne gave Carson and Sydni a special train and princess ornament to put on the tree :)
 What a fun family home evening activity that I was able to do while conducting a few BINGO games for my Jamberry parties.

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