Sunday, December 14, 2014

Zoo Free Day

I apparently really LOVE free days. The day before Thanksgiving Cathy, Shauna, and I took the kids to the Zoos free day, it was VERY busy, almost too busy to enjoy it!

You would have thought we were in August or something, we didn't need the jackets that I had brought, we ended up just going with our shirts. 
 We lucked out and got a parking spot without sharking, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for Cathy and Shauna to walk about a quarter of a mile to the zoo. While we waited we played with the water ball and visited the giraffes which now are the first attraction you come to, instead of having to climb to get them, a nice plus for sure!
 Just as I had thought Sydni loved seeing the animals, and each time she didn't want to get back into the stroller to go to the next animal, so cute!
 It was fun to see lions on at the zoo again, it has been awhile since they have been there. 
 Josh and Carson playing on the lions :)
 If you know me at all you know I can't help but take a picture of the elephants, and Zuri is cute!
 Note to sell, hopefully we are not watching the polar bear when he decides to go for a swim right in front of you, you will get pinned in and be there for a little while when the word gets out!
Though it was busy it was still a very fun day out with the sisters and the cousins, thanks for going with us

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