Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

This was the first year we attempted to actually carve the pumpkins with the kids, last year we just had Carson paint one which was fine. But I grew up carving pumpkins as a family, so I wanted that with my little family, Robert said that was my  job then ;) He doesn't care much for this tradition. 

It took a moment, before Carson stuck his hands in to get the pumpkins seeds, he finally decided he would much rather have a spoon. 
 Sydni on the other hand, jumped right up on the table( she is our climber) and grabbed a spoon and went to town on the pumpkin, despite me carving that particular pumpkin at the time. 
 We let Carson choose the faces for our pumpkin, the 1st was a happy face, and Daddy carved the "mean" faced pumpkin.
 I can never get enough of his cheesy face!
Our little pumpkin cleaner at her best!
 The best part, the pumpkin seeds. After the kids went to sleep I promptly made them into pumpkin seeds! 
We ended with a ghost pumpkin(white), a Witch pumpkin( the green pumpkin with bumps), a "happy pumpkin, and a "mean" pumpkin and a successful family night!

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