Saturday, December 27, 2014

Salt Dough Santa Handprints

Sometime last year while I was surfing wasting my time on Facebook I came across these cute little Santa salt dough handprints, and though that would be a good idea to do with a 3 and 1 year old. Well lets just say I had to let go of perfection and let them design their own hand prints. 
Gloves on ready to make the salt dough!
 My incredible hulk. 
 Carson loves to help me bake, I am getting better at letting go and cleaning up later after he had fun. 
 When did this big get so cute?
 Our sweet little hands. 
 While mom was getting set up to pain our hand prints, Daddy made the kids laugh. You would almost think I had two little boys, but nope I have a little girl too!
 Do all little kids concentrate as hard as mine do when painting?
 Start with a little bit of red.
 I will admit, so you don't all think I am the perfect mom, I had a hard time letting her paint it herself, so we didn't have a mess. 
 She needed some lipstick so you wouldn't think she was a little boy :) 
 Next a little bit of green.
 Sydni has the best faces, this one we like to call "stink eye!"
 All done, now we wait to put them on the tree!
Our very first non conforming ornament on our tree, and I am sure they will continue to populate the tree as our children grow older. 
 They turn out very cute, don't you think?

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