Sunday, December 14, 2014

1st Snow Fall

 Our first and really only snowfall that stuck for more than an hour, happened November 13th. It is a good thing the kids and I took a moment to enjoy it for a little bit, not long but enough to introduce Sydni to the beauty and fun of snow!

At first she wasn't sure, and mom fail, didn't realize she didn't have any snow boots for Sydni, so the next take I remedied that one!
 Our little snow princess.
 You will see where this little action led to ;)
Didn't take her long to realize that this was her favorite part about the snow, eating it. 
 If all the snowdrops where candy canes right?
 The little bit we got, it was melted by mid day the next day, sad.
 Destroying a little unattended little snowman. 
 Oh No, back up, back up!
 A near miss on that one!
 Still at it!
 Got you mom!
 Who is that little figure all the way out there, or it is Carson :)
 I can see where this is leading!
 We finish our snow night off with a good old fashion Snow Angel!
I hope we get some snow, it is now the middle of December, and we have been having very warm days, makes it hard to get in the Christmas spirit this year for us.

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