Sunday, December 14, 2014

Living Planet Aquarium

As I was browsing Facebook one early afternoon, I saw that the Living Planet Aquarium was having a free day, score! I had been wanting to take the kids there, but didn't want to have to pay almost $30 dollars to get the 3 of us in, so I was glad I happened upon it. We got there about 2 pm in the afternoon, when it wasn't very busy since all the older kids were still in school, by the time we left it was getting a bit busier, but not much. It was a fun day for the kids and I.

Our first area was "Journey to South Africa", I wasn't able to get many pictures, it takes a little bit more hands on when there is only one of you and two of them :)

I thought this yellow and black fish, 
It took me a little bit before I decided to give it a try and let Sydni out of her stroller to look around with Carson. It was a bit crazy at time, but she had much more fun that way. 
 An Anaconda, lets just say she was pretty big, and we were told that it was rare that she moved while people where there, she is normal pretty still, cool!
 Carson was a pretty big helper in the aquarium, he instead in push Sydni to each exhibit.
 Above the Journey to South American exhibits, there is a big suspension bridge, Carson immediately wanted to go on it. In fact the minute he reached the other side he ran back to get in line again!
Next exhibit on the books was Antarctic Adventure, including penguins of course! 
Precious little one of mine!
 My other little penguin! 
 My social little butter fly in our next exhibits the Ocean Explore, I mean Carson, makes friends everywhere we go. 
Snakes a boys favorite exhibits it seems, I could leave them myself.  
 So many things to see so many things to do, how do I choose?
 Too bad we can't get ride of that pacifier, but oh so cute!
 Wow, that could swallow our family whole.

This was a funny fish, just had to take a picture.
 And of course "Nemos" aka Clown Fish
Look mom!
 Sydni couldn't get enough of all the fish, she just loved it!
 Our last exhibits where of Utah animals including these otters, too bad the kids were to short to the otters through the little hole, since that day that was the only way to see them, darn it. 
What a fun day, can't wait for another free day!

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