Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family Pictures Fall 2014

Back in October, Robert wanted to get some pictures of the kids and me for work, since the last ones he has are a year old! So we took a family trip up Hobble Creek canyon to get those pictures taken, now if only I can remember to get them printed so he can have them on his desk before they are a year old again and we have a new baby. 
Bare with me, there are a lot of pictures for your enjoyment, or maybe my enjoyment, or even better because I can't just choose one :)

I just LOVE the fall for all the beautiful colors, the colors on our drive up. 
A few of my favorites of my little buddy Carson, he has such a bright and vivacious personality which shows in his pictures.
While dad went off to find a spot, Carson took a spot in the driver's seat.
Syndi is such a hard one to take pictures of and she has never smiled on que regardless of what you do to try to get her to smile, silly girl. 
 Just had to crawl on a rock you know!
A few of my favorites of me and kiddos, I LOVE that we caught a smile like this for Sydni, she never smiles on que. 
 I LOVED this one so much, I have now made it my debit card picture.
 Though this one doesn't have both kids smiling, it does capture Carson's personality perfectly!
While Robert was taking pictures of us, a nice couple pulled up and stopped and got out and offered to take pictures of the whole family, that was a sweet gestured that we hadn't even thought of, a family picture. 
I think we got quite a few to choose from, now on to the printing of course ;)

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