Saturday, October 5, 2013

All Smiles

On Tuesday I decided to take the kids out for a walk which turned into a couple of hours of good hard fun at a neighborhood park, including Sydni's first ride on a swing. Lots of fun was had on the teeter-totter, the bouncy horses, and of course the swings. 

When this girl is happy she is all smiles hear to hear, just can't help but smile back at her. 
 I could not get the best pictures, it is hard to take them and be the teeter-totter partner, but I did mange to capture his enjoyment, and that is all that matters. 
 "Look Mama I can push it."
 My precious princess.
 Oh, how blessed to be this little boys Mama, I love him dearly. Such a joy to have in my life, he will always be my baby. 
 Not sure how thrilled she is to be in the swing, but she didn't cry. 
 Pure joy, this reminds me of the first time we took him to this very same park, he was probably about 8 months old at the time. While Robert was pushing him I proceeded to pretend to fall down when he reached me, that was the first time we ever heard the most adorable laugh I have ever heard. He could not get his laugh under control and he has been laughing frequently ever since, we get many compliments on his adorable laugh. 
 Believe it or not it is pretty hard to get a good picture of two kids swinging while you are trying to push them and take the picture, but it turned out nicely I think.
While we were at the park Sister Vasil from the ward mention they were going to be moving in a few months and that she didn't really want to bring all the bikes that they had, so she asked me if I wanted the little boy's bike that she had got from a family member, well you better believe I said yes. The bike is in very good condition and is just the right size, now we have to come up with something else to give him for Christmas because we no longer need a bike. 

Today she brought the bike over including the training wheels attached, he doesn't quite understand how to get it to move other than have Mom push him around, but I am sure in no time she will figure it out. 
 He is already enjoying it!
Thanks Vasil family for the bike we will put it to good use, good luck in Florida!

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