Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Kiddos

Some things we love about our kids!
I have decided that every few months to write down things that Robert and I love about our kids that they can have to look back on as they grow and as we their parents leave this earth to hopefully return to our Heavenly Father. Our children two of our greatest blessings that we currently have, it is hard to remember a time they were not with us, we love them dearly. 

  • Love His long eyelashes and beautiful blue eyes. 
  • Love his adorable laugh.
  • Love is love for life.
  • Love how he sings "choo choo train, fruit, fruit."
  • Love his curly hair
  • Love his snuggles when he will snuggle.
  • Love that he is a smart boy, coming up with new words and saying daily. 
  • Loves that he loves to color, a boy after Mama's own heart. 
  • He loves his Daddy.
  • He is a very polite, always saying "thank you" without having to be said. 
  • He is very sensitive to feelings, notices when others are said and gives them a hug. 
  • He is very social with everyone including strangers, no "stranger danger" for him.
  • Love how he says his little sisters name.
  • Love how he says "watch" for him to show us something he loves. 

  • Love Sydni's bright huge smile
  • Love that she is learning to hold things
  • Love how she is being able to control her body more and thus becoming a happier baby
  • Love how she looks adorable in anything she is wearing, even a diaper of all things. 
  • We love that she likes to play with mom and dad,  such as making her arms twist or legs run.
  • Love how she is beginning to talk back in a cute coo, and very close to giving us a giggle. 
  • Love her big lips, so cute. 
  •  Love how big a smile she gets when she notices her big brother. 
  • Though I may complain at times, I would not change the fact that she is one big Mama's girl and I love holding her, wish I had more quiet time to be just with her sometimes. 
  • Love her chunky cheeks.
  • Love having a little baby around the house again. 
  • Love doing tummy time and watching her being so close to learning how to roll over.
  • Love how she tries to turn her whole body to watch the TV when it is on. 

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