Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Festival

Always a fun time to get together has a ward family and enjoy chili and good company. This year we only dressed up the kids, but come Halloween we will all be dressed up in our bug costumes. This year we had a few guest with us, Christopher and Nicholas. 

Such a sweet picture of Carson and Nicholas, he just loves when his cousins come over to play. 
Carson loved this plinko game, in fact we had to keep taking him out of the room because he thought the candy was everlasting. 
Currently the best picture of our little Flick. Love the big bum and large head, looks like Flick to me. 
The cake walk, I ended up walking for him, he was only interested the cupcakes. 
Another one of our little ladybug, can't get enough of the cuteness. 
Thanks, Judy for this cute and delicious monster cupcake. 
Strike, just kidding, but he had fun playing ghost bowling. 
Fishing turned into a dangerous game, he thought it was more fun to swing the pole. He did however, like the idea of the candy at the end. 
By the end Carson was done wearing his costume, so we ended up with this 2 gems of Christopher.
We ended the enjoyable night with a glow in the dark parade, until next year!

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