Monday, October 21, 2013

Silence is Suspicious

Have you ever heard the quote, " Silence is Golden ... unless you have a toddler. In that case silence is very suspicious." Well you guessed it, I have a toddler and with him silence is 100% suspicious!

To set up the story, I had walked out of the room to put something away and to tidy up my room (my first mistake leave the room when a toddler is awake), when a few minutes later I hear complete silence, uh oh! I happen upon a seen that I could also imagine Robert doing when he was that age( though I have no basis of this other than the fact he loves ice cream.)  What scene did I happen upon? Well, Carson eating out of the ice cream carton with our huge ice cream scoop. Once he noticed I was in the room he exclaimed with the biggest grin on his face "it time" (aka ice cream.)

My next move Carson didn't appreciate, but I didn't want the ice cream to spoil his dinner right? You guessed it, I proceeded to put away the ice cream, well this was his reaction
This is him telling me "NO!"

And you would think I would have learned my lesson, but still had to get some things done in the other room and thus once again I found him like this. 
Finally I suceeded in taking away the ice cream after the second incident, only to have him open the fridge to look for something to eat, I get the hint he is hungry, LOL.

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