Friday, October 18, 2013

Beautiful Fall Evening

This past Wednesday I decided despite the cold weather we have been having to bundle up the kids and go and have some fun at the park. It turned out to be a pretty fun evening with just my kids and I, and a friend and her kids for a short period of times. Even though it was a bit colder than it has been, we were all toasty warm in our jackets and suits. 

I got Sydni all bundled up her little winter suit, I think she is just adorable it in. Maybe later I used post some pictures of her in her suit and Carson in his at this age, but that might be too much cuteness for one post :)
 This is the best picture that one could get even after bribing the 2 year old with Candy if he would sit and take a picture with his sister. 
 The candy coxing didn't work the second time around because he was still eating his first candy, lesson learned. 
 This face just says if I could walk I would not sit for this picture Mom!
I am sure there will be many more cold evenings that you can find me and my little ones all bundled up and having a good ole time!

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