Tuesday, October 29, 2013

4 months

We have a 4 month old again in our house and we love it. Sydni is becoming much more content baby and is starting to pick up on new skills quickly. She is our little one compared to Carson partly because she is such a fussy nurser, but our doctor does not seem to concerned at this point so I will soak in having a small baby for now. She has dropped in her percentage in weight and only gained a couple of pounds, so we are starting her on some acid re-flux medicine to see if that helps her nurse and alleviate some of the colic that she has, I really hope this works and she starts to become a happier and easier baby day by day. She did a great job getting her shots today, big brother Carson was there for supports, saying "Sydni it's okay!"

Sydni's 4 month Stats
Weight: 15 lbs (64%)
Length: 25 inches (68%)
Head: 41.5  (72%)

Love this bright smile of hers!
4 month shots

At 4 months:
  • She has perfected her smile, such a bright and happy smile, we just can't get enough of it. 
  • Still trying to get the sleeping through the night figured out. She will go for a few days of waking up only once around 5 am and then back to waking up multiple times throughout the night. Hopefully we can smoothly transition her to sleeping through the night and sleeping in the same room as her brother. 
  • She is still a very fussy nurser and spits up a lot of breast milk when she does spit up, so we are trying her on some acid re-flux medicine to see if that will help, I have my fingers crossed it will
  • She is becoming a little talker
  • She has giggled a few times, but still no deep laugh yet. 
  • She has mistakenly rolled over from back to belly and belly to back a couple of times.
  • She has figured how to hold her hands together and successful has gotten toys to her mouth.
  • When it comes to toys she plays with them, but still needs help picking them up when she drops them. 
  • Prefers at this point a bottle and loves her binky. 
  • She loves bath time, I almost always end up getting a bath from her splashes. A sad day, she is almost too big for her infant tub. 
  • Currently still in size 2 diapers. 
  • Still fits into quite a few 3 month clothes where most 3-6 months are just a bit big, especially pants around her small waist. 
  • Loves to watch her brother bounce off the walls, she always gives big smiles. 
  • She is still a Mama's girl, but is getting more willing to go to dad for longer periods of time. 
  • Such a good baby at Zumba, she usually just falls asleep in her bouncer, she must be used to it. 
  • Gives great baby kisses. 
  • She is back to sleeping on her back, she just can't decide which she likes better back or stomach. :)
Thought this pictures was too cute to pass up, love her hand position. 

 Getting dressed up for Church, so many dresses and bows to choose from. 
 Another bright smile of hers, getting more regular smiles!
Managed to get a tub picture without being splashed for a moment. 
 She is beginning to like her Bumbo more. 
 How can I get this in my mouth?
We love you baby girl. 

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