Friday, October 4, 2013


Over this past weekend as I was at my parents and they mentioned that they were getting rid of their Disney movies on VHS because their VCR eats them up, and the movies do them know good at this point. So, what did I decide to do, well I took all the ones we don't currently have and took them home. We ended up with probably at least 25 movies(our Disney DVD collection is small presently), and we have been watching one to two a day! We will eventually get them all on DVD, but until we can find them at a decent price we will kick if OLD SCHOOL and go the VHS route. Currently our top movie on VHS is the Lion King.

Tuesday I walked in on Carson watching the Lion King in this position. 
You never know when you will need to have your Tractor while watching a movie. 

That same day I found Sydni in this position, she never does this, she is a very picky sleeper. 

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