Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sydni's Book

I have been working on this free book practically from the first day Sydni was born and almost forgot to purchase it before the free book expired, that would have been upsetting, though I don't usually have to wait long until they send out another free book option. This book is the fourth one I have made, the first being of Carson's first year with us, I have found that these books are quite nice. We also have a book from our summer activities from last year, and our happenings from last fall to about March of this year. I love being able to scrapbook without having to buy all the supplies which adds up quickly, and I tend to believe these will be looked at more than the scrapbooks I have put together in the past. Enjoy the latest edition to our Shutterfly books. I wish I could post both of them in one post, but I guess not, so I will post one of Carson's book as well if you are interested.

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