Saturday, October 5, 2013


I don't know about you , but I love this time of year when I can decorate my house for practically seven months straight starting with one of my favorite times fall!

It was also a great excuse to finally get myself moving and really deep clean, which has not happened for months as you can imagine with a newborn. 

I probably have the most Halloween decorations than any other holiday besides maybe Christmas, but that is a given.

I even went as far as to make sure my candle warmer was burning so my house spelled of fall, cinnamon of course. 

I might not have the most creative decorations or the most expensive, but they sure make my house feel for cozy.

Over the years I have accumulated so many window stickers and thus I have had to get creative to use them all, so now they are all over the front room and kitchen. From the windows, to the mirror, to the clock, to the doors and finally the fridge, but it makes for a festive home.

Every morning, Carson comes out and asks for Mickey, can you spot our Disney friends in the window all dressed in their Halloween costumes?

 Also pulled out my Halloween dish towels, love them.
 My Halloween bears and Ghosts, as you can see I go with the cute things of Halloween versus the scare and bloody things, much better in my opinion. 
And finally the adorable glass block that my mom made me when I was first married, it is adorable and in November I will turn it around for Thanksgiving. 
My cutest Pumpkin in the patch this year!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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