Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Family Picture Take 2

A few weeks ago we went up the canyon to take some Fall family pictures, which turned out pretty good considering the ages of our children, but yesterday we decided to go up once more and see if we could get any additional good photos to choose from. After these family pictures we might actually sit down and put together a picture wall, but who knows maybe it will never get done. The first picture we had to take was our traditional family photo, laying down on the ground. These pictures turned out so much better, for one thing we did these shots first and Carson was still thinking pictures were fun at this point and Grandma came along to give some old fashion bribery of candy, worked like a charm!

Be prepared this is picture overload blog post, but just can't figure out what ones I like best yet!

My top 5 choices of our lay down pictures. Number 5 would be my favorite if Sydni looked happy, might play with some photo editing to see if I can get a better facial expression of her. 
My top 5 choices for this pose. I believe personally  I am leaning to picture number 3 as my favorite because I love Carson's smile. 
My favorites of Robert with the kids. 
My favorites with me and kids 
A special moment I wanted to capture, showing love to my baby.
Love this little boy more than words can express. I asked him to give me a big hug and this is the expression he gave me, priceless.
I really wanted to get a good picture of my babies together, however, when Carson is done holding Sydni he is done holding her. Unfortunately this time we were not fast enough and she ended up on her face when he pushed her off of him(felt so bad, luckily we calmed her down quickly and she didn't get hurt.)
As you can see Carson would have rather been playing with the stick then holding his little sister, a true little boy right there.  
Finally a picture of the love of my life


  1. Like your blog. Have not looked at it before. Didn't know what I have been missing.


  2. Thanks Dad, it is a lot of fun blogging, I use it as a personal journal!