Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jakers 2013

Second annual trip to Jakers in Springville was once again a big hit! It was a different experience this time, Carson didn't do much with the corn pit like he did last year which was a shocker, but he liked the new attraction of sliding down in a tube around the hay.

Where has the time gone, I was looking at the post I posted about our first trip to Jakers and man does Carson still look like a baby, not anymore.
One year later, and look we are all bigger. Silly boy he can't look at the camera anymore, has to always be looking somewhere else.  
All he wanted to do was run around in the corn bit, didn't care to sit down and throw the corn, until....
 Mom showed him how fun it was to throw the corn, as you can tell I still might have had more fun throwing the corn than Carson. 
Next was the tractor ride, which he absolutely loved, in fact he kept trying to run back and take another ride on the tractor by himself. 
Love this bunch, Carson in deep stare at the pumpkin patch, man they have a lot of pumpkins. 
Look who woke up just in time for the tractor ride, she was not so sure about it and at one point she almost burst into tears. 
 almost ready to go, see his grin he was ready for the ride. 
 My babies all bundled up and warm and ready for the ride of their life( granted they have not been alive for very long or rode many rides.)
Staring off into the distance, probably looking at the pumpkins again!
 The girls, Sydni enjoyed looking at the pumpkins apparently as well. 
After the hayride around the patch looking at horses and cows along the way we headed back to the corn pit, to take a few pictures of or new pumpkin. 
She didn't cry, but as you can see she was not sure exactly what was going on.
 I got smart later on and dug out a hole and set her in and piled corn around her and wa la we have a sitter, a very happy one at that. 
 Awe can't get enough of this big bright smile of hers. 
 See what I mean he loved the hayride, throughout the night he could be caught gazing at the tractor as it went by.

As a new attraction they had a small haunted house(not really scary even I went in it!)
But as you can see Carson was not having any part in it, we finally were able to convince him to go in if we went in first. 
 He fit right in, if you enlarge the picture below he has some nice red eyes.
 He went ahead of me at one point and came across this talking Ghost and promptly moved back and would not go past it until I reassured him that it was just this ghost and move the ghost out of the way. It is as of late that he is beginning to realize scary things, he might not like haunted houses and we are perfectly okay with that we don't either. 
 He made it out alive and with a smile on his face, I would say success on his first haunted house. 

It was quite a climb to get to the pipe slides, but look who was able to get up by himself after a few tries. 
We first tried the less angled slide, and it went pretty slow, but he didn't care still gave him great fun.
 Even Sydni and Daddy got in on the action. 
 Next we tried the higher slide together, no other way to get him to try it, wow it was fast! After the first time down he was hooked, and went down it a few more times by himself. He flew so fast the first time that he landed fast first, he didn't cry just laughed and had the biggest grin on his face. Here is the best picture we could get as he was flying down the pipe, grinning ear to ear. 
 Last ride down before picking out the pumpkins, I decided to take both kids down, on the slow slide of course. 
We had to hurry to find a pumpkin as it was getting darker and darker, but we did find one nice medium size pumpkin for Carson to decorate, will save the carving for maybe next year. 
 If you look closely you will be able to see our little guy among the pumpkins, pushing them off the hay stacks to be perfectly honest, a true little boy.
I am sure will be found a few more times during the month at Jakers as a family and friends, tradition will go on as long as we live close.

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