Friday, October 4, 2013

End of Summer

As summer is drawing to a close and leaves are changing, it is sad to winter is coming even though I love winter too, just in a different way! This past couple of weeks with all the rain we have been getting the temperatures have been wonderful and we have been trying to soak up all the time we can before we can't go out very long. 

It is a breath of fresh air that Sydni is becoming a easier and easier baby as she starts to get older and can do more things. Her latest fun activity is to give us these vivacious and irresistible smiles from ear to ear! I love how responsive she is to me and mostly me, but sometimes Robert and others, she is definitely a Mama's girl!
Our little model, just love her!
In addition to a mini photo shoot with Sydni, Carson and I also colored with Chalk. This boy loves his chalk, he always asks for it when we are going outside, it will be sad for a moment when we can't use it during the winter. He had fun making rainbows and circles mostly.  
 Making his colorful circles, the only shape he can seem to remember at this point, but I am sure he will figure the others out soon enough. 
 What else is better for a two year old than running around in circles, love the expression. 
We hope we can take many more opportunities to get out in the wonderful fall weather when no mosquitoes will be out to attack us!

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