Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Spooktacular

The start of the Halloween part posts begins with the annual Halloween Spooktacular put on by a friend in the ward for kids. I thought this year might be more enjoyable for Carson, but he didn't seem to care much, except for making a mess on the floor of water and occasionally putting together a pumpkin with Mr. Potato Head pieces. 

To be honest even though it was a fun, well thought out party, I was ready to leave shortly after we arrived. The first half hour I had to man the cake walk, while holding Sydni and trying to watch Carson wonder, hoping he would not get into to much trouble, all by myself because it was before Robert got home work. By the time I was finished with manning the cake walk, Carson had managed to pour water all over the floor, I had also forgot Sydni's binky and she was not happy, and to top it all off the only van keys were missing. 

Luckily I decided to stick it out and have a good time with Carson. I did manage to get him to try some of the games. Next year should be even more interesting with a 3 and 1 yr old by myself, but seeing my children puts a smile on me. 

My little Flick
 Who needs a Halloween party when you can have a toilet paper roll.
 Our little Miss Sydni ladybug.
 He found his own car and he played with it the remainder of the party, go figure. 
 He did decide he wanted to play the Witch Hat toss though. 
 Learning Thriller Zumba song
 This stations was his favorite, and I thought it was a very cute idea. Using a foam pumpkin as the head and pieces from Mr. Potato Head to make a pumpkin creation. 

 He did a great job, love the bone arm!
Where did this binky come from, didn't I say I forgot it? Well yes I did forget one, but a dear friend had one that I could borrow for the party, such a life saver for my sanity.
 Thriller performance!
Thanks again Lylani it turned out GREAT!

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