Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autumn Days

I just love Autumn days when the days are cooler, the leaves begin to change and fall. The kids and I have been having some fun playing outside lots, going to our local pumpkin patch multiple times, tracing leaves for the first time, and making Halloween costumes, and going to Halloween parties, October is just a fun month of the year. 

I taught Carson how to trace leaves with crayons, he thought that was pretty cool, wish I had thought about taking pictures of this cool experience, but can't remember always I guess. It was fun filled afternoon. 

For the past month you can frequently find us dancing in the kitchen to Halloween music, or watching the Nightmare before Christmas. 

Carson loves the Nightmare Before Christmas, and now frequently I can find him in this pose saying, "Watch mom!" I reply who is that and he says, "Jack!" Such a cute kid, granted I think he likes this show mostly for the train in the beginning, but he has watch it multiple times so I will go with it. Probably will become a traditional Halloween movie in our house as well, who knows maybe we will decide to be Jack, Sally, and a couple of the others for Halloween next year, still deciding.
What could be more fun than running until you can't run anymore, rolling in the grass, or throwing your ball around? Wouldn't it not be great to have no care in the world sometimes and just play around like a 2 year old, I say yes!
 Love this little boy, he is always so happy.
 Miss Sydni loves to be outside, such a bright smile she has. 
 And yes I was there to join in the fun as well. So nice that we can play outside in the middle of the day without being cooked by the heat, once major plus about autumn time. 

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