Sunday, October 27, 2013


Last Sunday we got out the paints and brushes and our little Picasso went to town on his little pumpkin he picked out at our local pumpkin patch. This is the first year we have decorated pumpkins with him because the last two years he was just to little to understand, but this will be a regular in our Halloween traditions from here on out. 

First things first getting daddy's painting shirt on and rolling up the arms, ready to paint!
 Such concentration from out little Picasso, it is fun to watch him when he is concentrating on something you can usually find his mouth open wide and sometimes his tongue will make its way out of his mouth, just like his Uncle Daniel.
 Sydni decided it was much more fun to try to grab her sock from Mom, she is becoming more aware of objects each and everyday, she also has a very concentrated look. My kids must be very determined little ones!
 What else can you pain when you get bored painting your pumpkin, well your hands and face of course.
 FYI, Mom did start the face painting by painting blue lines under his eyes, he thought it was pretty funny and continued. 
 So excited about his masterpiece, way to go Carson!
Love Halloween!!!!!

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