Monday, December 30, 2013

6 months

Here we are the day has come and gone, our little princess is now a half a year old, wow that six months flew by! She is growing growing each and everyday, though slowly so I can feel like I have a baby a little bit longer mentally that is.  In fact she is almost the exact same stats Carson was at 4 months for a comparision. We have loved having this little sweetie in our home this last 6 months, we love you Sydni. 

6 month Stats of our little miss:
Weight: 16 lb .2 oz (48%)
Length: 26.5 inches (50%)
Head: 42.5 cm (55%)

With the 24 being Christmas Eve and being so busy I forgot to take her 6 months shots until Christmas, but close enough :)

Such a cutie in her Christmas pajamas(Same ones Carson wore at the same age)

At 6 months:
  • The biggest milestone in the last two months is Sydni can sit up unassisted. 
  • For the past little while she has been waking up only once a night, this has been a great improvement. 
  • She has been transistioning to eating solids more regularly and so far no allergies that we have run into. 
  • We believe she has gotten past her acid reflux issue and now we just need to work on my milk supply issue. 
  • She still has not cared to roll over either way, just content to go only 80% of the way over, but she will soon I am sure. 
  • She is currently in size 3 diapers, though they don't hold anything for our little girl, up the back almost every time, lots of blowouts!
  • Currently still sitting pretty in 3-6 month clothes though the pants are getting closes to being too short, but still falling off her.
  • Loves to eat faces, and I mean eat faces!
  • Loves to interact with her reflection in the mirror 
  • She is a hard one to get an expression from, though Mom can do it every time.
  • Not much of a giggler. 
  • Loves her knew Sea Horse music maker that she got for Christmas, calms her down immediately. 

 Can't get enough of this bright smile of hers, just love it!
 Our little bank robber, she is the cutest one around. 
 One adorable baby we have!
On to the next six months, but you can slow down it is alright :)

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