Saturday, December 14, 2013

On the 14th day of Christmas

On the 14th day of Christmas we were saved by Katelyn. Today we had our a Christmas party for the Cunningham side in Taylorsville and I managed to bring the camera without the SD card, big fail. It became an epic fail when we realized that a "certain" special guest was going to make its apperance, oh shoot! How could we not document Sydni's first meeting and sitting on Santa's lap and Carson's first time actually understanding who Santa was, well luckily for us Katelyn let us take a few pictures on her iPhone. Though they are not as good of quality as our camera would have taken, it captured the moment which was the important things, next time I before walking out of the house will check that the SD card is in the camera. 
It was fun to watch Carson perk up when he heard the sounds of jiggle bells come through the day, he gave the biggest smile when he realize it was Santa along with a long applause as Santa made it way to the kids. Pure joy and excitement right there. 
 Once again he was not shy, he walked right up to Santa and sat on his lap, he even grabbed a candy can on his own before he met Santa. 
Then our Santa baby met Santa for the first time and lets just say he was perfectly content and gave us a few good smiles. She loved Santa's beard in fact we had to pry her hand off his beard when it her time was up. 
 It was a fun afternoon filled with lots of yummy food and most of all wonderful company of family, love this time of year for that reason alone, family. Afterwards we ran to GIGIs in Salt Lake to pick up a few things, both kids slept the entire time we were there, what a miracle and then headed home for a relaxing evening as a family. 

Of course before I forget Toby was located above us as ate breakfast. 
Enjoy this little video I put of our little family, Carson could not get enough of the fact he was a little elf Dancing! To view just click on the picture below. 
Merry Christmas from the Dickens Elves.

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